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William O’Carroll, Director Business Consulting, talks about LGBT

Today diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, yet few firms manage to translate that into a true reality for their people. I'm Will, and I am a Director in Grant Thornton's Business Consulting team, I also happen to be gay. For me, being gay is not something that defines me, but it is an integral part of my character. I'm delighted to be able to play my part in Grant Thornton's EMBRACE programme. Our journey is only beginning but I'm determined we make a difference.

I am proud to work for a firm that is looking to EMBRACE diversity at its core. For me, it means I can bring my whole self to work. It means the firm I represent is supportive of me and aware of the issues faced by me and my LGBT colleagues. The EMBRACE programme aims to celebrate our differences and to empower our people to leverage the power of their differences to achieve our strategic goals.  

As part of our Diversity Week, today we launched our LGBT network. We are proud to partner with GLEN, as part of the Diversity Champions programme, which aims to deliver ambitious and positive change for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) in Ireland, ensuring full equality, inclusion and protection from all forms of discrimination.

This partnership will ensure our workplace continues to be a safe, respectful, and inclusive community for all our employees. My hope is that the LGBT network along with the other pillars in our EMBRACE programme will allow us to understand, celebrate and leverage our differences.