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Catherine Taguiling, Assistant Manager, talks about moving from the Philippines and settling into life in Ireland. 

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. And on January 13, 2016, I was happy to make my dream come true. Armed with a dream of having a better career abroad and a little bit of courage, I left the Philippines and joined Grant Thornton as an Assistant Manager in the Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS) team.

True to this adage, these dreams came with a price and for me, the greatest price I had to pay was leaving home and all the perks of being in my comfort zone. Coming to work every day has been a challenge; it is like going to a football league but knowing only basketball rules. Firstly, I was very timid, shy and was not keen of voicing out my opinion. This is maybe a trait generally associated to Filipinos. Secondly, although English is widely spoken in the Philippines, speaking it the whole day was quite daunting.

Sometimes, I would laugh at a joke simply because everybody was laughing and not because I understood why it was joke in the first place. And there are other challenges I have experienced (there are too many to mention).

But amidst these challenges, I am glad that Grant Thornton continue to make my dreams come true. I am constantly being given opportunities to work on engagements that allow me to not only grow professionally but to slowly integrate myself into the Irish culture. I am also thankful that Grant Thornton is holding a FAAS Filipino Social Night that showcases and introduces the Filipino culture to the Irish and other nationalities within the team.

I believe that one side of my story has been venturing out of my comfort zone but I am grateful that the other side is a company that embraces my dreams without regards to my ethnicity or cultural background.