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Gabriela Lepesqueur, Corporate Audit, talks about her move to Ireland

I was a law student finishing my degree in Brazil in 2011 when I decided to come to Ireland on holidays to learn the language and experience the culture. After a couple of months I had a change of heart and decided to take the jump and move to Ireland. Upon moving here I completed a business degree in Dublin. In 2014 I started in Grant Thornton as an intern on the Summer Internship Programme. After finishing college in 2015, I was offered a position in the Corporate Audit team as a trainee.

Despite coming from a different country and culture I have always felt at home in Grant Thornton. From my first day as an intern my colleagues have been interested in learning more about my culture and I’ve enjoyed learning about theirs. Collaboration and integrity are two key values of Grant Thornton and this is evident in everything they do. My integration into the firm was made easier by the people here, who were always more than happy to help me when the language was a barrier, you see, Irish words are not particularly easy to pronounce by a Portuguese speaker!

I have had a lot of great experiences here. I have particularly enjoyed playing tag rugby during the summer with the Grant Thornton team and it was amazing to have a “fun” sample of a sport that is not as popular in Brazil but is huge in Ireland. I see EMBRACE not as an initiative but as a result of a culture that always existed in Grant Thornton and its people and I am very proud to be part of an organisation that allows me to bring my whole self to work.