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Diversity blog: LGBT

At Grant Thornton we are committed to ensuring every member of the team feels their individuality is appreciated and that they can bring their “whole” selves to work.

On a personal note the firm’s position regarding individuality rests in a special place in my heart. I’m Peter, and I am a Manager in our Financial Services Advisory team.

Equality in the workplace is a key priority for the approximately 170,000 LGBT people at work here in Ireland. It is safe to say that our small nation has made huge strides in this realm over the last number of years, in particular since the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum, when Ireland became the first country in the world to legalise equal marriage for all by public ballot. It was at this point I took an interest in LGBT equality, specifically in the workplace.

From my perspective, being one of a “minority” group (for want of a better term) does not mean your professional life, or personal for that matter, is placed on a more micro scale. As always, we are all equal and our values are equally important. For that reason I got involved in establishing the LGBT network within Grant Thornton. As a network our aim is to ensure that no employee feels that they are placed on such a scale. Since the establishment of the network in late 2016 it has been fantastic to see increasing levels of support for all aspects of diversity within the firm through ongoing initiatives. Last year we walked in our first Dublin Pride as a firm and also launched our Ally Network with our first external event, hosted by Michelle Visage. I am proud to work for a firm that has taken steps to ensure our workplace is safe, respectful and inclusive of all employees whilst also celebrating our differences.

Running with that theme of celebration, I am very much looking forward to our participation in this year’s Dublin Pride 2018 festival! On a final note I will leave you with a saying that I live by “don’t be afraid to colour outside of the lines”. 

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