Diversity blog: Gender

Maura Cronin, Director, talks gender diversity in the workplace

I joined Grant Thornton in 2008 as part of the Financial Services Audit team. In 2015, I was one of seven females promoted to Director level within the firm.

Growing up in Ireland, education and freedom was for everyone and gender was never questioned. Boys and girls were treated the same and given the same opportunities. However, over the years, I have done a considerable amount of traveling and volunteering abroad where I have seen the opposite. In a lot of countries girls are suppressed and opportunities are slim.

In the all-girls secondary school I attended I was one of fourteen in the accounting class. Possibly the smallest class, but luckily our female teacher encouraged us along our career path. I know there are women who don’t feel valued in the workplace and who are passed by when it comes to promotions and opportunities. I am thankful to be working in a firm where gender equality is evident.

The new EMBRACE programme that Grant Thornton has launched brings further emphasis on recognition of excellence within the workforce regardless of gender. I can honestly say that at Grant Thornton, you get recognised for who you are, the effort you make and the work you produce, regardless of whether you are male or female.