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Shona O’Hea, FAAS, talks about Family/Working Parents

As a young girl I never considered I'd have to make compromises as I grew up and entered the work force. We were told to study, work hard and get a good career! And this is exactly what I did.

I joined Grant Thornton in 2008 and am now a Director in our Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS) team. I am also a mom of two very lively boys.

Over the years I saw a lot of my friends taking a step back from their career, not going for the promotion or leaving work altogether when they start having children. Those decisions are all perfectly fine once it's what you choose rather than through lack of options in your workplace.

For me I knew I always wanted to continue working. I am delighted to say I have always felt completely supported by Grant Thornton and the partners while growing my family.

By launching EMBRACE in Grant Thornton we hope to ensure that all our people, regardless of their situation, are given the opportunity to achieve their potential.