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Employee Wellbeing

Grant Thornton currently has a well-developed EMBRACE programme which incorporates our HR wellbeing programme which deals with all aspects of employee wellbeing and equal opportunities for all. Our strategy will focus on work primarily within the other three pillars. The last 18 months, in particular, has seen the EMBRACE programme undertake a lot of work on wellbeing and equality, with the firm hosting a number of speakers and making a significant contribution to the Dublin Pride Parade. 

Other wellbeing initiatives we ran last year include:

  • an 8 hour Cycle/Run charity challenge which was an active event which provided healthy foods, information on healthy eating options in locale. This promoted links between activity and well-being;
  • we held an Old School sports day for the Irish Cancer Society. This was an active event, providing team interaction and fun linked to wellbeing;
  • an information session on health and cancer prevention for the Irish Cancer Society. This was an informative event for staff highlighting ways to reduce risk of cancer and improve overall health;
  • organised a number of blood donation drives for our people to attend and give blood;
  • Smoothie Bike Challenge – spinning bikes were set up in the office with a leader board. People could cycle and see how quick they can blend their smoothie.