VAT services and VAT management

Are you responsible for submitting VAT (or other indirect tax) returns in a number of jurisdictions? Are you also responsible for ensuring other forms such as VIES, Intrastat or year-end trading summaries are submitted to the relevant authorities? Could you benefit from local expertise in each of those jurisdictions?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then we can help.

Grant Thornton provides VAT compliance services to a variety of organisations, many of which operate on a global scale.

  • we provide VAT compliance services (VAT returns, Intrastat returns, VIES returns, VAT group applications etc) or equivalent taxes in countries where VAT is not present. This service is offered on a global basis by working with our colleagues throughout the extensive Grant Thornton network;
  • we provide assistance with routine Revenue queries as well as formal audits and can deal with the authorities fully on your behalf;
  • we provide advisory services in relation to specific transactions or unusual scenarios where the VAT treatment is not clear-cut;
  • we provide advice in relation to cross-border transactions and through our extensive international network we can advise on the appropriate VAT treatment in other jurisdictions; and
  • we provide customised training courses for our clients so they can keep up-to-date with the latest indirect tax developments and plan accordingly.

Benefits of using Grant Thornton:

  • one partner point of contact in Ireland who will coordinate and facilitate international communication across the Grant Thornton network;
  • access to the Grant Thornton international network, which provides professional advice at all times;
  • access to training packages which are specific and tailored for you. The expertise contained within our network ensures we are at the forefront of all latest developments; and
  • an increase in compliance levels and reduction in risks associated with indirect tax obligations.