Charities & not-for-profit

Charities and not-for-profit groups face a host of unique regulatory, financial and operational issues. Our dedicated team of specialists work with a large number of organisations in the sector. As you would expect from one of the leading business and financial advisers in Ireland, Grant Thornton offers a full range of services to the charity and not-for-profit sector including:

  • external audit of charities;
  • internal audit of charities;
  • charity tax exemption;
  • VAT for charities;
  • charity governance reviews;
  • charity risk profiling;
  • HR matters for charities; and
  • corporate governance for charities.

Our aim
This sector is a core part of our business and we specialise in the following areas, charities, schools, trade unions, members associations, clubs and companies limited by guarantee.

With the impact of the recession about to dramatically change the financial environment in which Irish charities operate and the increased risk of insolvency, it is now more important than ever that Irish charities seek expert advice. Our aim is to help organisations in the Irish charity and not-for-profit sector by providing proactive timely advice. We can help you achieve your aims in the ever-changing world in which you operate on a daily basis.

Why not speak to one of our specialists to see the value that we could bring to your organisation?

View our factsheet for more detail on the audit of charities and not-for-profits.

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