Audit and Assurance

The merits or otherwise of an audit are often debated in the modern world. The varying differences of opinion are regularly described as the ‘Audit Expectation Gap’. The auditor’s view is often very different to the client’s view. At Grant Thornton we believe that we bridge this gap by providing:

Working with Grant Thornton, you will receive a high-quality audit of your financial statements. Designing a tailored audit programme customised for your business, we will combine the collective skill and experience of our team to deliver an audit that is efficient and provides assurance to your key stakeholders.

Our teams will bring both reason and instinct to the work we perform for your company; it is this fundamental aspect of our culture which truly differentiates Grant Thornton from our competitors: People make all the difference!

Our approach will include:

  • regular interaction and communication with your management team;
  • a quality audit team responsive to your needs;
  • comprehensive planning;
  • use of innovative technology; and
  • transparency throughout the process.